Stylish suits for your wedding day

Getting married is one of the biggest days of anyone’s life. There is so much anticipation, excitement and emotion in the lead up and the on the day itself. You need everything to be perfect – and your outfit is no exception, gentlemen.

There are a number of different suits, styles and looks that you can adopt for your big day, each one with its different perks and quirks.

Here are a few of the currently trending wedding apparel looks.

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The Dinner Suit

A dinner suit is one for the more formal, traditional and old-fashioned among you. And there is nothing wrong with any of those things, especially for a wedding. It can even be trendy to have old-fashioned décor and aesthetics for your wedding. Think lanterns, candles and a horse and cart!

An all black dinner suit with a crisp, elegant white shirt topped off with a black bow tie is a handsome, smart and winning look for any groom to be. Add some velvet lapels for true elegance and class.

The Grey Two Piece or Slim Cut Suit

Grey suits are simple, yet elegant. A grey two piece is a good option for those who want to shy away from the “traditional” all black suit. Some even argue that black suits should be strictly for black tie events and funerals, and state that weddings should have more colour than just black and white. Grey suits also compliment lighter shades of coloured shirt, brown or tan shoes and little splashes of colour in your tie or pocket square.

A slim cut grey suit is another option for those going the stylish way of grey. All of the above tips apply for this option as well, but this type of suit is slimmer around the waist giving you a much a sleekier, sexier look.

The Navy Shawl Dinner Suit

This is a regal, elegant style. A navy dinner suit, with velvet lapels, elegant white shirt and black tie is a more vivid, vibrant option for a groom. For the more colourful or playful groom, try a tie with a lighter hue. Tan or brown shoes will also complement this option very nicely. For extra daring, and dashing, why not get a brown cane as well?

The Pinstripe Grey

Pinstripes are fast becoming a fashion trend again. Pinstripes are great for the broader gentleman as they add a slimming appearance. A pinstripe grey suit for your wedding day will make you a strong, imposing presence: especially if you choose a three-piece option with a matching grey waistcoat. Add a splash of red either in your tie, Pocket Square or Boutonniere for an extra touch of style.

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Angelo Charitakis
Angelo Charitakis