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January 20, 2021

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November 13, 2015

Do's and don'ts at a black tie event

Have you got a black tie function coming up? Going to be rubbing shoulders with some of Melbourne’s most well-heeled? You want to be looking your absolute best, on point and in fine form.

Everyone is going to be looking absolutely amazing at a black tie event, so the idea isn’t to stand out or bend the conventions of black tie fashion, its to blend in with them. This doesn’t mean that you’ll sacrifice style, you will just be as stunningly dressed as everyone around you.

Man in black suit adjusting cuff links

Use this handy guide to make sure that you are attired appropriately for the absolute epitome of the formal event.

Do Go with a Peak Lapel

A shawl lapel can be worn, but it has to be done very well. While a notch lapel should never be worn at a black tie. A peak lapel is a safe bet and will help you get the sought after V-shape for your suit.

Don’t Wear a White Jacket

A black, dinner suit jacket is definitely the way to go. Keep it simple and elegant. A black velvet jacket is an option however, for those seeking a little bit of a different, vintage look.

Do Learn How to Tie a Bowtie

There is no reason why you shouldn’t learn how to do this for a black tie event. It is a simple technique, which can be learned online with the help of YouTube. Practice the week beforehand if you are worried or hopeless at ties, and please, for everyone’s sake, stick to a black one.

Don’t Wear a Neck Tie

This is a big no-no for a black tie event. Bow ties are absolutely essential.

Do Consider Midnight Blue

Dark, deep blues are kosher at black tie events. Match it with a crisp, elegant white shirt and bow tie and some very subtle accessories.

Don’t Touch the Bottom Button!

Keep it un-buttoned, and always remember to unbutton your jacket prior to sitting down, and button it up as soon as you stand. 

Do Shine your Shoes!

Un-shined shoes are the end of civilisation. For the single fellows out there – the first thing a woman will look at after meeting you is the condition of your footwear. You want to be well-heeled. Even if you’re a happily married man, you should still be looking after that leather. There is no point in having an amazing suit, shirt and bow tie combination and wearing scuffed, dirty shoes. Do it yourself before the event or hit the shoeshine booth on Collins St, Melbourne. It’s up the Paris end.

Get in Touch to Know More

Opal Formal Wear can advise you on all things black tie. We also hire out Tuxedos and suits and can help get you looking great for your function. Please contact us online or call 03 9499 1471.

November 13, 2015

Five things to know about tailor made suits

Every man should get a suit tailor made to fit him at least once in his life. One of the most satisfying feelings is putting on a garment that has been specifically created to fit the shape of your body. Aside from that, you are going to look absolutely fantastic in it. But what exactly makes a great tailor made suit?

Read on to find out the five things that make a sharp, and stylish, tailor made suit.

Some fabric on a Tailor’s work table

Fabric is Everything

A suit can be measured and sized perfectly to fit your form but if the material is poor then the suit will look bad. Research, consult with your tailor and choose a good quality fabric. Wool is a good, all-round choice. It breathes well and is cool in summer and warm in winter. Cashmere is an option for those wanting more luxury, while plant derived cotton breathes easily but is prone to more creasing than the other fabrics. 

Get Measured

Even if you think that you know your measurements, leave the measuring to your tailor. This is their job, and they are good at it. Often you can have some subtle asymmetry to your body that you may not even be aware of. A tailor’s precise measurement will ensure that your tailor made suits fits like a dream and makes you look even more dapper.

On this topic as well, when you decide to get a suit tailor made, try to make it at a point in your life when you don’t intend to have any major weight alterations. Your weight is never set in stone, but it may not be the best idea to get suit tailor made right before you intend to sign up to the gym to shed those extra kilos or put on some muscle bulk. Wait until you are at your ideal weight and then get your measurements taken.

Jacket Rules

A good fit for a jacket is essential. As a rule of thumb, about half an inch of shirt fabric should be visible at the cuff. The jacket should be as long as halfway past the palm of your hand when you are in a natural, relaxed stance.

Add a Personal Touch

The great thing about a tailored suit is that it is made for you. If you want a specific type of button or pocket style, just ask. It’s all yours.

Shop Around

The first tailor you find may not be the one for you. Do your research, talk to different tailors and find one that you are happy to work with. The patience spent waiting for the right person for the job is well worth the finished result!

Contact us For More Information

The team at Opal Formal Wear are men’s fashion experts. Contact us with any questions about made to measure suits or to arrange a fitting. We are available on the telephone on 03 9499 1471 or online.
October 22, 2015

Stylish suits for your wedding day

Getting married is one of the biggest days of anyone’s life. There is so much anticipation, excitement and emotion in the lead up and the on the day itself. You need everything to be perfect – and your outfit is no exception, gentlemen.

There are a number of different suits, styles and looks that you can adopt for your big day, each one with its different perks and quirks.

Here are a few of the currently trending wedding apparel looks.

A bride and groom holding hands

The Dinner Suit

A dinner suit is one for the more formal, traditional and old-fashioned among you. And there is nothing wrong with any of those things, especially for a wedding. It can even be trendy to have old-fashioned décor and aesthetics for your wedding. Think lanterns, candles and a horse and cart!

An all black dinner suit with a crisp, elegant white shirt topped off with a black bow tie is a handsome, smart and winning look for any groom to be. Add some velvet lapels for true elegance and class.

The Grey Two Piece or Slim Cut Suit

Grey suits are simple, yet elegant. A grey two piece is a good option for those who want to shy away from the “traditional” all black suit. Some even argue that black suits should be strictly for black tie events and funerals, and state that weddings should have more colour than just black and white. Grey suits also compliment lighter shades of coloured shirt, brown or tan shoes and little splashes of colour in your tie or pocket square.

A slim cut grey suit is another option for those going the stylish way of grey. All of the above tips apply for this option as well, but this type of suit is slimmer around the waist giving you a much a sleekier, sexier look.

The Navy Shawl Dinner Suit

This is a regal, elegant style. A navy dinner suit, with velvet lapels, elegant white shirt and black tie is a more vivid, vibrant option for a groom. For the more colourful or playful groom, try a tie with a lighter hue. Tan or brown shoes will also complement this option very nicely. For extra daring, and dashing, why not get a brown cane as well?

The Pinstripe Grey

Pinstripes are fast becoming a fashion trend again. Pinstripes are great for the broader gentleman as they add a slimming appearance. A pinstripe grey suit for your wedding day will make you a strong, imposing presence: especially if you choose a three-piece option with a matching grey waistcoat. Add a splash of red either in your tie, Pocket Square or Boutonniere for an extra touch of style.

Get in Touch for More Information

The staff at Opal Formal Wear are Melbourne’s wedding attire experts. We can help you make sure that you choose the right suit for your wedding. To hire a suit, or to seek our fashion advice, give us a call on 03 9499 1471. Alternatively you can contact us online!

October 15, 2015

Five Suit Options for the Coming Spring Carnival

The winter chill is fading fast and the sun is staying in the sky longer each day. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the popping of champagne corks, the roar of the crowd and the thunder of the track.

Spring in Melbourne means racing. Racing in Melbourne means fine wine, fine food and fine clothing. If you intend to head to the races this year, you want to arrive in style. If you’re planning to buy or hire a suit in Melbourne to ensure that you’re appropriately attired for the coming festivities, then you are spoiled for choice.

Here are five options for simply gorgeous suits for the Spring Carnival. 

A man in a white shirt tying a red bow tie

Italian Blue

A blue suit always succeeds. Just make sure that you have a nice, well-polished pair of brown or tan shoes to wear with it, and that your socks are also blue or navy. Blue suits are a perfect mix between serious, manly style and a lighter, more playful aesthetic. A blue suit is an ideal choice for a festive environment like the races, because wearing brighter colours with it will really make them pop. Complement your blue suit with a bright tie, pocket kerchief and nice bright white shirt to really shine in the pavilion this year.

European Shawl Black

A shawl black suit proclaims style and power. Black suits are traditional options, and it is very hard to go wrong with one. The shawl lapel hails from the smoking parlours of the Victorian upper class.

The benefit of a shawl lapel is that it adds a playful touch to an otherwise very traditional piece of formal wear, which is perfect for the fun and games of the Spring Carnival in Melbourne. Add a splash of colour with your tie and Pocket Square and you are set to be smoking on the track.


Grey suits are a versatile option when it comes to footwear and other additions to your outfit for the races. For example, you can go for a more eccentric look by wearing a grey suit with some brown or tan boots, skipping the tie altogether and choosing a bright pocket square. Add a Fedora for rakish look.

White Shawl

Make a statement this spring with a white shawl suit jacket. The two-toned look is very old school. Think Chicago bootlegging in the nineteen -twenties. Match with some high shine patent leather shoes. Alternatively you could go Southern Gentleman and match it with some white slacks.


Last but by no means least you could consider a darker, latte suit. Browns are complimented with a wide range of colour options for your shirt and tie. However, avoid a white shirt in favour of baby blue or paler colours.

Get in Touch for More Information

Opal Formal Wear in Ivanhoe can help get you looking your best for Spring Carnival. Give us a call 03 9499 1471 or contact us online for more information on suit purchase and hire.
October 08, 2015

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Spring Racing Carnival is Here!

Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival is on now!

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May 09, 2015

OPAL DJs are ready to party!

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