Five Suit Options for the Coming Spring Carnival

The winter chill is fading fast and the sun is staying in the sky longer each day. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the popping of champagne corks, the roar of the crowd and the thunder of the track.

Spring in Melbourne means racing. Racing in Melbourne means fine wine, fine food and fine clothing. If you intend to head to the races this year, you want to arrive in style. If you’re planning to buy or hire a suit in Melbourne to ensure that you’re appropriately attired for the coming festivities, then you are spoiled for choice.

Here are five options for simply gorgeous suits for the Spring Carnival. 

A man in a white shirt tying a red bow tie

Italian Blue

A blue suit always succeeds. Just make sure that you have a nice, well-polished pair of brown or tan shoes to wear with it, and that your socks are also blue or navy. Blue suits are a perfect mix between serious, manly style and a lighter, more playful aesthetic. A blue suit is an ideal choice for a festive environment like the races, because wearing brighter colours with it will really make them pop. Complement your blue suit with a bright tie, pocket kerchief and nice bright white shirt to really shine in the pavilion this year.

European Shawl Black

A shawl black suit proclaims style and power. Black suits are traditional options, and it is very hard to go wrong with one. The shawl lapel hails from the smoking parlours of the Victorian upper class.

The benefit of a shawl lapel is that it adds a playful touch to an otherwise very traditional piece of formal wear, which is perfect for the fun and games of the Spring Carnival in Melbourne. Add a splash of colour with your tie and Pocket Square and you are set to be smoking on the track.


Grey suits are a versatile option when it comes to footwear and other additions to your outfit for the races. For example, you can go for a more eccentric look by wearing a grey suit with some brown or tan boots, skipping the tie altogether and choosing a bright pocket square. Add a Fedora for rakish look.

White Shawl

Make a statement this spring with a white shawl suit jacket. The two-toned look is very old school. Think Chicago bootlegging in the nineteen -twenties. Match with some high shine patent leather shoes. Alternatively you could go Southern Gentleman and match it with some white slacks.


Last but by no means least you could consider a darker, latte suit. Browns are complimented with a wide range of colour options for your shirt and tie. However, avoid a white shirt in favour of baby blue or paler colours.

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Angelo Charitakis
Angelo Charitakis