Measurement Chart

When being measured, stand with a normal upright and comfortable posture...

1. HEIGHT:     ____________ cm.
Take measurement from top of head to floor - without shoes on.

2. WEIGHT:     ____________ kg.
This gives us a good guide to your general build type.

3. NECK:     ____________ cm.
Take measurement at the base of the neck, with two fingers between the neck and tape measure.

4. CHEST:     ____________ cm.
With the measuring tape quite firm, take measurement from under the arms following the same line through the back and finish at the chest. 

5. SLEEVE:    ____________ cm.
With a straight arm, take measurement from top of sleeve (where sleeve meets the shoulder pad), and follow the middle of the sleeve down to its desired length (usually just below the wrist bone). If wearing a French cuff shirt allow for the cuff to be visible.

6. WAIST:     ____________ cm.
With the measuring tape quite firm, take measurement where suit trouser waistband/belt normally sits. (Jeans will sit a little lower).

7. LEG LENGTH:     ____________ cm.
Take measurement from the top of the waistband following the outside seam, to the top of the heel of your shoe. If you are not wearing a dress shoe stand barefoot and simply measure to the floor.